#026.5: BONUS: Living with Anxiety

00% Arabic – 100% English In the Latest episode, Living with anxiety, you've heard a very controlled version of Khayras anxiety, but that wasn't 100% authentic.. so a friend of Khayras invited her to talk intimately about her anxiety to a group of 40 people, and while she was sitting there, it felt very safe! This is a very personal episode, because you'll listen to that talk in this bounce episode and this explains why it sounds different from our other episodes, we hope this episode helps you to support the loved ones that might have anxiety or depression, and if you have experienced anything of what khayra described, we hope it makes you feel less alone, because you're not. there are many places to turn to, and if this is the first place that you have turned to, we are honored about you becoming a healthier, more authentic version of your self. Speaker Khayra Bundakji is a computer science graduate, a self-confessed geek, and committed to building communities. She previously worked as an IT Communications Manager and graduated from GE’s Information Technology Leadership Program. Khayra is currently head of Operations at the Mstdfr Network and host of Azzbda. Khayra has lived with anxiety for most of her life and in 2013 was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder.

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