E085: Self Love & Hip Hop Forums (Cohosts: Freek & DJ Liutik)

This week Mustafa AKA Freek & DJ Liutik join OT & Reem on the Dukkan stoop for a hilarious catch up and in depth conversations. Freek opened up about his journey as a content creator from being a skit writer, director, and actor, to growing into developing corporate content for clients and kicking off his rapping career to become the voice of Arabic Trap music from the UAE. Best part about the episode was the skits that OT & Reem came up with for Freek's YouTube channel. Those need to come to life. #WelcomeToYourTribe ---- The Dukkan Show is hosted by OT, Irshad, Toofless, and Reem www.dukkanshow.com

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