E088: Taste And Texture (Cohosts: Parvane, Fatma, Connor, & Nnamdi)

This week the young and talented Suede Guerrillas join OT & Reem by the Dukkan's stoop.  When they showed up, they had no idea what to expect, but soon enough they got into the groove and opened up. They spoke about who they truly are, their fears, their hopes, their dreams, and their aspirations.  At first, Reem misjudged them based on their Instagram presence as influencers, but soon enough she discovered the depths and multidimensional personalities and art forms that they posses. #WelcomeToYourTribe ---- The Dukkan Show is hosted by OT, Irshad, Toofless, and Reem www.dukkanshow.com Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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