A Transnational History of Kemalism

E 413 | Our latest podcast in collaboration with The Southeast Passage examines how Kemalism as a political category has been used widely and often ambiguously throughout the history of the Turkish Republic in public discourse as well as in historiography. In this episode, we discuss Kemalism from an innovative transnational perspective. The making of Kemalism was embedded in hybridity and circulations involving other regions of the post-Ottoman space. Practices of governance, material objects, new conceptions of the body and gender roles, and scientific debates created a convergence of Islam and modernity which was influenced by external references but also attracted observers from surrounding countries such as Albania, Yugoslavia and Egypt. See more at https://www.ottomanhistorypodcast.com/2019/06/transnational-kemalism.html Nathalie Clayer, Fabio Giomi, and Emmanuel Szurek are members of the Center for Turkish, Ottoman, Balkan and Central Asian Studies (CETOBaC). They are the editors of Kemalism: Transnational Politics in the Post-Ottoman World(London: Bloomsbury, 2018). CREDITS Episode No. 413 Release Date: 9 June 2019 Recording Location: Paris, France Audio editing by Andreas Guidi Music: "The Southeast Passage Theme," Giulio Stermieri and "Yanık Ömer," performed by Bayan Safiye Images and bibliography courtesy of Nathalie Clayer, Fabio Giomi, and Emmanuel Szurek See more at https://www.ottomanhistorypodcast.com/2019/06/transnational-kemalism.html

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