E111 - Side B: Zippers & Laces (Curated by TA5H)

Yes Lord, and another one!! This week around we have Natasha Qistina aka TA5H live & direct from the ethnically thriving land of Malaysia, dropping straight fire!! TA5H is a beat-maker and part of the good people of @saturdayselects, she describes this set as ''nothing matters more than having good music to help nurture & heal your soul. These selections are some of my favourites produced by myself, my fellow Malaysian producers, and a few talented musicians from around the globe. May it helps feed your soul, one mellifluous track at a time.'' You can check out more of her stuff here: https://soundcloud.com/tashtash https://www.instagram.com/natashaqstn/ https://www.facebook.com/TA5HMusic/ https://twitter.com/NatashaQistina #WelcomeToYourTribe The Dukkan Show is hosted by OT and Reem, powered by Toofless.

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