Egypt's Obsession With Their Neighbors

“Egyptians’ Obsession With Their Neighbors” by Menna Eid, @moonyeid. The nosy neighbor is a global phenomenon. For Egyptians, it starts with the doorman, the bawab. His nosiness can negatively impact the vibrancy of a young girl’s life: keeping track of when she comes and goes, how she dresses and who she socializes with. Ehky Ya Masr’s Menna Eid is one of those who is openly spied on. She shares her story. “Egyptians’ Obsession With Their Neighbors” is a part of the Ehky Ya Masr إحكي يا مصر Relationship series. It was originally produced for the Audio Production course at The American University in Cairo. On our Facebook page you can share your experience about your ‘nosy neighbors:

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