Episode Two: Lebanon's Kafala System

In this second episode, we explore the 'Kafala' sponsorship system which governs the lives of hundreds of thousands of migrant workers in Lebanon. To that end, Joey Ayoub went to the Migrant Community Center in Beirut and spoke with Sami, an Ethiopian activist and one of the leaders of Mesewat, a non-governmental, non-religious, non-racial and non-profit solidarity network that supports migrant workers in Lebanon and the Middle East. He also spoke with Alli, an activist with the Anti-Racism Movement, and a community organiser and researcher working at the intersections of gender, race, and labor. The associated blogpost can be found here https://hummusforthought.com/2018/08/15/podcast-episode-2-lebanons-kafala-system/ You can support this project on Hummus For Thought's Patreon page www.patreon.com/hummusforthought