Exploring the Early Modern Ottoman World

E361 | In our final episode of Season 7, we feature four student contributions on life in the early modern Ottoman world. These student podcasts come from two university courses in which the podcast medium was integral as both course material and assignment: "Cities of the Sultans: Life in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire" (Michael Talbot, University of Greenwich) and "Podcasting the Ottomans" (Dana Sajdi, Boston College). Through these student podcasts, we explore how art and aesthetics figured into Ottoman engagements with their neighbors, and we go beyond the palace walls to explore facets of urban life in Ottoman cities. Featuring Matthew Nolan and Amber Volz, Suleyman's Crown Tanya Skyba-Bartholomew, The Mahalle (Neighborhood) Megan Rowlands, Guilds Max Bechtold and Haley Holmes, Quatrefoil Rug

Ottoman History Podcast