Footnote 003: Toofless - P.A.D. (Post Artistic Disorder) FreeWriting Mixtape/Series #4

The Dukkan Family proudly presents, a peak into Toofless' latest release P.A.D. (Post Artistic Disorder), part of his ongoing mixtape, FreeWriting Mixtape/Series #4. Written, Recomposed & Produced by Toofless Executive Producer: Ameericle SoundCloud: Twitter : IG: Free writing mix tape is a series of free written/composed/re-sampled pieces, collages and sketches that are presented over an unorthodox format. It is important to note that most of the instrumentals used belong to producers I haven’t worked with and these beats have been officially released through their respective distribution channels and labels, I am just using them and not selling them, therefore the rights to these beats do not belong to me. Artwork by: Ihsan instagram is @acesun07 Twitter: @acesun07 1st Track Stereoscopic Paramnesia – Toofless x Jehst (Ameerical/@paxlove Remix): Paxlove – Toofless-stereoscopic-paramnesia-feat-jehst-remix-produced-by-ameerical Original track, shout out @muqataa: Muqataa – Toofless-jehst-stereoscopic-paramnesia-prod-muqataa-1 2nd Track Consciousness - Toofless Original Track: Kruder & Dorfmiester –Useless 3rd Track Sifinja Ninja – Toofless x Irshad aka Jibberish/@irshad_ini Original Track: Flying Lotus – Melt #WelcomeToYourTribe The Dukkan Show is hosted by OT and Reem, powered by Toofless.

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