Ghouta: The Land of Heroes & The Price of Freedom

As the people of Eastern Ghouta in Syria suffer from horrific bombing by the Syrian regime forces and its allies, media and Twitter storms rage on with campaigns in support of this brutal massacre. We are frankly shocked at the similarities between arguments supporting the siege on Ghouta and the siege on Gaza. The Syrian regime is responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, women and children killed in the name of the war on terror. International organizations such as the UN continuously fail to defend those people and for that are equally responsible for their deaths. The world watches as everyone learns a hard lesson about the true cost of freedom. We got together to have a conversation underlining the bottom lines of what is going on and finally sending a message out to the Syrian people around the world who have been forced to live in exile. Our message is simple and clear. The Syrian people and all those who fight for an equal and just world, stand alone. To survive we need to defend each other's rights to be equal in the debate for our future. The fact is everyone from Bashar Al-Asaad, Russia, Iran to Turkey, the United States government and the United Nations are all complicit in this brutal war on freedom.

The Irrelevant Arabs