Palestine part 2: The Gaza strip today & battle for survival

In this episode, a continuation of the previous discussion. We go into the details of Palestinian micropolitics and the different perceptions of the Arab spring inside of Palestine. Hamas and other Palestinian factions response to the Arab spring and the meaning of it all in relation to the regional power struggle. Our guests both Mariam Barghouti & Jehad Abusalim grew up in Palestine, we listen to them as they walk us through a harsh reality. A reality that is having more and more influence on freedom and human rights around the world. The struggle continues as voices like these reach the world. The Irrelevant Arabs is a crowd-funded project. If you enjoy our episodes and would like to contribute to this project please follow the link below to our Patreon page and subscribe to our channel on SoundCloud. We are glad to receive your emails and answer any questions you may have, as well as, any suggestions you may think will better our podcast.

The Irrelevant Arabs