Podcasting the Ottomans II

E360 | In 2017, our episode Podcasting the Ottomans took a look at Professor Dana Sajdi’s Ottoman history course at Boston College that was based primarily on episodes of the Ottoman History Podcast, and elicited student reactions to the medium. In this conversation, we explore students’ experiences of making their own podcasts as we sit down with Dr. Michael Talbot to discuss the pedagogic thinking behind his course, ‘Cities of the Sultans: Life in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire.’ After talking to Dr. Talbot about his experience with the course, we chat with some of his final year undergraduate students from the History programme at the University of Greenwich in London to hear about their own engagement with Ottoman history, podcasts, and podcasting. More at https://www.ottomanhistorypodcast.com/2018/04/podcasting-ottomans-2.html CREDITS Episode No. 360 Release Date: 29 April 2018 Recording Location: University of Greenwich Audio editing by Taylan Güngör Special thanks to Muhtelif for use of "Bint El Shalabiya"

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