Recordat #003 Session 01 by Seiwa Du

Recordat recorded at Piccadilly Pub, Amman, Jordan on 23-02-2018 - #recordat003 for Seiwa Du (Hamed Masri) In this 2 hours set you will listen to our local sound selector and DJ Hamed Masri playing some South American tribal electronic sounds as part of his latest project Seiwa Du. Hamed has been playing music since the early 2000’s, when he hosted regular nights at special venues in the city of Philadelphia. After a long hiatus, Hamed joined the TBA Collective as a regular crew member, playing versatile sounds from funk, reggae, and cumbia. As Seeryas Guy, Hamed teamed up with Slippery Johnson to form The Flowery Twats, a project that fused the duo’s afro-caribbean sounds with modern production techniques designed to get the dancefloor going. This is the third recording session of a series of recording sessions that is being organized for electronic musicians in Jordan.