Recordat Amman #008 Session 01 by Dijit (Live)

Recordat recorded at Platform rooftop, Amman, Jordan on 04-08-2018 for @dijit (Cairo, Egypt). In this 30 minuts set @dijit takes you in a trip to a collection of sounds he collected from castes, created or tweaked to form a fusion of sounds mixed with electronic music beats. Hashem L Kelesh is a music producer famously known as Dijit. His performances are not about making delightful music or even making sense, but, rather, providing people with noise that reflects the community we live in. Needless to say, he has very little sleep. He has also produced music under many titles and featuring many renowned artists as well as budding ones like Aly Talibab (spoken word artist), Abyusif (rapper), Mohamed Adel (composer and guitarist), AC Ghazy (rapper), and As Dee (singer and spoken word artist).