Recordat #008 Session 02 by brikks (Live)

Recordat recorded at Platform rooftop, Amman, Jordan on 04-08-2018 for (Amman, Jordan). In this 1 hour set, brikks explores a mix of instrumental sounds sampled and created by him with electronic beats produced using a collection of different instruments and synthesizers. The objective of brikks is to to counter exoticism and to reiterate that we live in a world of multiple interwoven modernities . He does that by taking an ethnocentric approach to electronic music (contemporary occidentalism) departing from the local contemporary scene to its equivalents elsewhere in an attempt to realize a new impartial musical modernity. brikks aka Ahmad Barakat is an oudist and an electronic music artist. He has performed with a number of music groups in Jordan, including Zaman Al Zaatar. This is the eighth recording session of a series of sessions organized for Djs and electronic music producers from the east.