Recordat #008 Session 03 by Bananas بناناز (Live)

Recordat recorded at Platform rooftop, Amman, Jordan on 04-08-2018 for Bananas @peel_bananas from Amman/Ramallah. In this 1 hour set, Bananas recorded for us his latest original dance beats in a live set for the second time for @recordat using his analog synthesizers. Bananas (Tareq Abu Rahmeh) from Ramallah contributed to the electronic and hip-hop music scene in the Middle East since its early times. He composed different music tracks for several musicians such as @makimakkuk . He started studying and producing music since his early ages where he became one of the most knowledgeable and experienced musicians in the region. This is the eighth recording session of a series of sessions organized for Djs and electronic music producers from the east.