Recordat Amman #008 Session 04 by Muqata'a مُقاطَعة (Live)

Recordat recorded at Platform rooftop, Amman, Jordan on 04-08-2018 for Muqata'a @muqataa from Ramallah, Palestine. It's not easy to describe this special session by this special artist and friend. For us, he is the master of beats in the region. He takes his sounds, cuts them to very small pieces, lines them up on his synthesizers to create a unique strong sound we have never heard before. Muqata'a is one of the founders of the Ramallah Underground hip-hop group, and the one who sparked a whole new generation of artists in the region. We cannot talk about Muqata'a in a few lines, and that's why we decided to publish an in-depth interview with him on our new Recordat platform which will be up soon. This session contains music from his new album Inkanakuntu which you can buy from SOUK records: This is the eighth recording session of a series of sessions organized for Djs and electronic music producers from the east.