Recordat Amman #013 Session 01 Bashar Suleiman بشار سليمان

Recordat recorded at Portico Amman on 1st of May, 2019 a one hour set for Bahsar Suleiman @basharsuleiman from Jordan. In this one hour set, Bashar will take you from downtempo electronic music to experimental up beat music. This is one our favorite sets at Recordat, and a recording we've been always trying to have. Bashar for Recordat is one of the most talented artists in the region. He is so intimidating and provocative in his life and in his music, and that's why we look up for him. He started experimenting with sound since 2013. His music evolved from experimental noise to trip-hop and bass blended with lo-fi samples. His tracks are provocative and bring an air of intensity. He collaborated with several local and Arab musicians, vocalists and rappers. This is the thirteen recording session of a series of sessions organized for Djs and electronic music producers from the east. [Artwork by @mothanna ]