The Tanzimat in Ottoman Cappadocia | Aylin de Tapia

E339 | In this episode, we consider the story of the Tanzimat reforms from the perspective of rural Cappadocia, a region in central Anatolia now famous as a tourist destination. In the nineteenth century, Cappadocia was home not only to the Muslim subjects who made up the majority of Anatolia's population but to a large population of Orthodox Christians as well. How did these communities experience the Tanzimat period and how did their relationships to each other and to the state change between 1839 and the demise of the Ottoman Empire? More at Aylin de Tapia is a post-doctoral fellow at the Institut d'ethnologie méditerranéenne et comparative (IDEMEC) at Aix-Marseille University. Her research focuses on Muslim-Christian coexistence in late Ottoman Anatolia, especially social, economic, and religious interactions between Orthodox Christians and Muslims in rural areas. CREDITS Episode No. 339 Release Date: 3 December 2017 Recording Location: Okmeydanı, Istanbul Audio editing by Susanna Ferguson Music: Harmandali - Recep Efendi, Cemal Efendi Bibliography and images courtesy of Aylin de Tapia available at

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